Bert Tournois (right), General Manager en René Koster (left), Manager Business Development.

Bert Tournois (1957),
General Manager of HFV is Bert Tournois (1957). After a Biology and Chemistry study in Utrecht, he earned a PhD in chemistry and subsequently worked as scientist for the Utrecht University. After some years Bert went to Wageningen, where he was asked to join the Institute for Agro Technological Research, an applied research institute that forms part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). His last position at the institute was that of commercial director. After leaving the institute in 2000, Bert started the TDI group that currently employs more than 50 people. Bert is also chairman of the Foodlog Foundation Benelux.

René Koster (1960),
is an economist who has worked for Wageningen UR for more than 22 years, of which more than 12 years as research manager in the domain of sensory and consumer studies. René is one of the initiators of the research initiative called “Restaurant of the Future”, an innovative project in which new research facilities for sensorial and observational research in the domain of eating and drinking behavior.  Within HFV, René is responsible for business development.