Holland Food Ventures (HFV) invests in entrepreneurs and companies in the food industry that want to bring new and innovative technologies/products to the markets. HFV could be your catalyst for successful market entry.

For startup companies, cash is important but certainly not the only critical success factor.  Technological know-how and access to existing market channels is even more crucial for the overall success of the startup. A major obstacle to market introduction is often the so called proof-of-concept phase in which the new food company has to prove that it’s able to produce on a large scale and under strict food grade conditions. How does one get its new product on the shelves of the supermarkets?

HFV may supply you with more than just cash. By enabling you to focus on the main challenges, HFV can contribute to your success by:

1) Providing access to knowledge, experience and networks within the TDI group. Our sister company TOP is a highly innovative development company for SMEs in the food industry that has expertise available in a wide variety of relevant technological disciplines, including food design and marketing & sales.

2) Availability (through the TDI group) of laboratories, technology rooms and experimental kitchens.

3) Providing non-technological support such as finance, infrastructure, tax &legal affairs, subsidies, HRM etc.

4) In certain cases HFV can offer to take managerial responsibilities, incl. project management tasks.

HFV thus offers a complete, hands-on service, enabling a soft start up creating the optimal conditions for maximal value creation.  

HFV currently participates in 12 companies, ranging from companies in which it has full control to companies in which HFV has a minority interest. However, we are always looking for new, innovative entrepreneurs. Our track record is built on so called “disruptive or paradigm shifting technologies” - we see truly innovative technologies arising from other players in the market then the established ones. Actually, developing disruptive technologies means that things generally take longer and have a less predictable outcome. Most of our ventures are for that matter either (pre-) seed or start-up companies.
This is one of many reasons why we differ from a venture capitalist or a private equity firm – we do not use extensive business plans, long term financial forecasts and detailed milestone planning. We follow our business instincts and we use a hands-on approach. We like to  frequently sit down with the entrepreneur to discuss with them the different business and technology options, offer them the use of our networks and help them to overcome the transition to the production phase.

We also do not seek rapid returns on our investments. For us, long term commitment is no exception. New technologies often need on average 16 years to reach a mature market position. Our commitment to sustainable development and social values plays an important role in our considerations to participate in a startup.
Of course we are critical when presented with a specific idea. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to create their own business arena. HFV helps them, amongst others with cooperation contracts and other legal documents, including IP procedures.

On this website you will find more information about our methods. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Bert Tournois & René Koster
HFV management team