Each year we develop new companies in which we combine entrepreneurial skills, technical expertise and risk capital. Thus, we are regularly looking for entrepreneurs/ investors.

The following investment opportunities are available:

Management buy in (MBI).). Entrepreneurs with experience who are looking for a new challenge may seize the opportunity to invest in one of our subsidiaries. Often, the MBI is combined with a financing round with one or more VC 's.

Direct investment in one of the companies. As our companies are at different stages of development, the need for investment capital differs also. The investors will add value to the company by sharing knowledge and experience in the field of management, finance & control and marketing & sales.

Invest directly in the business incubator.NIn addition to a direct investment in one of our companies, it is also possible to participate in our business incubator itself. The risks of investing is thus spread out over several companies. As informal investor you can choose to place the shares in a special vehicle for informal investors.. For professional investors, we can develop a custom made construction.
Curious about the possibilities? We would like to come in contact with you if you are a private investor; an entrepreneur considering a MBI; are a VC or private equity firm.

We would like to discuss with you your business interests is and under what conditions you want to invest.

Please contact the team and we like to go with you.


And that our companies can develop rapidly is proven by our daughter Ojah BV, the winner of the Dutch SME innovation Top 100 2012, which recently won another business pric; the price of the Orange trade mission Fund.