Holland Food Ventures currently is shareholder in the following new companies in agri and food sector. Please click the company name for more information and look for the English language button on the various websites.

Pascal Processing
Pascal Processing offers tolling services for the industry. On two locations, PP operates HPP machines to apply pascalisation tot your packed products. PP is also agent for the Benelux and Germany for Avure technologies Inc., the world market leader in HPP equipment.

Centre for Pascalisation                                   
The Centre for Pascalisation informs consumers and customers with background information on pascalisation – the use of HPP technologies for the conservation of foodstuffs. The Centre coordinates the roll-out of the pascalisation logo programme.

Cool Wave Processing                                          
Cool Wave Processing is responsible for the market introduction of the Pure Pulse (of Pulsed Electric Fields) technology that has been developed for products like dairy products, juices and fresh soups. The Pure Pulse technology is an in-line cost effective process for mild conservation that guarantees that products maintain their original taste and nutritional value.

TOP Innosense                                          
Top-innosense aims at generating consumer insight by applying the Sensemaking.  Sensemaking is the process by which people give meaning to experiences. 

The Food Agency
The Food Agency- in food we trust - is dedicated to supporting producers and distributors of foodstuffs in their efforts to provide the markets with better, healthier and reliable food products.

Pascal only works for sister companies like Pascal Processing and Chez Pascal. Through them, Pascal may offer financial and service arrangements for clients that want to invest in new pascalisation or other high tech food equipment.

The sister company responsible for developing new food related technologies and services that can be commercialised through HFV companies.

The sister company responsible for developing new non-food related technologies, including biotechnology.

Holland Innovations S.L.
Based in Barcelona, Spain, Holland Innovations acts as an agent to the HFV companies, as well as for a number of our Netherlands relations in the food and agri business.

Phytonext B.V.
Phytonext uses its own selective extraction and particle design technologies to offer all natural alternatives for synthetic chemicals for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Like Fresh B.V.
Like Fresh Inc. develops, builds and sells the patented innovative drying technology IQD. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are dried while maintaining optimal quality.